The End Is Just The Beginning

Being the chosen one to represent buyers or sellers in a real estate transaction is such a massive honour.  It is an invitation to be a part of the family, for a short, intense period of time, during one of the most important financial transactions that anyone makes in their life.  Talk about a complete and utter privlege! 


When all of the open houses, offers, and negotiations, have come to a close, the home is sold and it is time to give back the keys and move out of the real estate group hug.   When I remove my business cards and feature sheet stash,  and give a last pet to their kitty cat or doggie,  who always become my companion during many private showings; there is a tinge of sadness that I feel, knowing that I won't get to see my clients as much.      


There is never truly an end date to working with clients, as you keep on helping them through to moving day, and for years beyond that, if you are particularly fortunate.   Looking at this past year, in particular, I shake my head at how lucky I have been to work with the clients that I have so far.  Some were already my besties and others took a chance on me, as their friends told them they should choose me as their Realtor.  Regardless of how much or little I knew them at the beginning of the year, I adore them now, and will work hard to keep on being both their friend and Realtor® for the long haul.  Onward to my next listing!


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