Nice Photos, Please!

Buzz, beep, ping, ring.... if the arrival of new listing alert is going to set off the bells and whistles in people's in boxes,  there should at least be some nice photos for us to look at!   It seems to me that more listings of late don't have any photos at all, let alone poor ones.   

If you are selling your home, then get it cleaned up, cleared out, and sparkling with as much charm as you can.  You get one chance to impress a Buyer online and at your open houses.  Make sure that you discuss photos, virtual tour, and open houses with the Realtors® that you interview.   

It is extremely frustrating to have a listing come through email, only to find zero photos attached.  Buyers will simply delete it and move on, as they get many listings emailed each day, that do have great photos.  Sellers and their Listing Agents need to make it easy for Buyers to love that property online, and then again in person.        


Most Realtors® do an amazing job of making sure that their listing looks great in photos.  They spend time and a lot of money making sure to get the video tour and the photos just perfect.   Others use their cell phone and don't bother to move the dirty dishes and piled laundry before clicking away and posting for the world to see.   No one needs to see that while they are eating breakfast.  :*)    Nice photos, please!