It is exactly what you are looking for, it is a great price, we can negotiate it down further, you can put on any subject you want into your offer, it is what you have been waiting a year for, soooooo...... why don't you want to offer?  


The answer is usually that Buyers are skeptical to offer...

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Calling all grade 12's to submit their entry to WIN one of 16 $1000 bursaries from RE/MAX Western Canada's Quest For Excellence Awards.    The deadline is March 9th, and all entries must be received online  


CLICK HERE for more information and to enter. 

Quest for Excellence 2015 Rhonda Davis

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Here's the straight goods, ladies & gents; Without a pre-approval, you are playing 'Pin The Tail,' on the Real Estate Donkey.   The "donkey"  ends up being the Seller of a property, your Realtor®, and yourself.  No one wins at that game.  


The Seller is the "donkey."...

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Marpole has never been able to shake its derelict reputation of being an unsightly bunch of low level, run down, rental buildings that make one cringe at the thought of having to live in any of them.   Many of the buildings that line the entrance to the Oak Street & Arthur Laing Bridges still...

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Winter means that we spend a lot more time staying cozy and warm inside.  If you are going to look at your four walls more than any other time of year, perhaps it is time to paint them!   Winter calls for change.  Here are some painting tips to help you out.

Not much of a DIY kind of person?...

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